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Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is the future of drug free, vaccine free low cost health care.  Biomagnetic Pair Therapy was discovered by  Dr. Issac Goiz in Mexico in the late 1980’s.  This is one of the most amazing discoveries of our time in healing solutions and health maintenance.  By placing duo-polarity  pairs of magnets on specific points on the body to balance the pH of that point, using a simple bio-feedback method, one can diagnose and treat most, if not all known conditions thus eradicating unwanted Viruses, Bacteria’s, Parasites, and Fungus’s including Heavy Metals.  The body can heal itself.  This method of therapy disrupts the environment that pathogens thrive within.  The body’s immune system can then go to work removing the pathogens, without the cost of toxic medications.  it is non-evasive, safe, and can do no harm.


We offer top level diagnostic and treatment services  to our clients from our Seattle Clinic.  We follow the Goiz protocol, and understand that most illness/disease is “invited” in through stress.  The stressors can be:

*  Pathogenic (virus, bacteria, fungus or parasite)
Life stress – work, family, finances
Belief system – conscious or subconscious, inherited or learned
Negative influence or energy affecting your environment (people, food, pets, pollution, EMF exposure)
The techniques that Jennifer utilizes uniquely help identify the source of the illness/disease and therefore gives rapid and effective results. Come enjoy our relaxing environment while receiving your diagnosis and treatment.


Jennifer is a Seattle native. She is well known for her skills at connecting people and healing.   After leaving the corporate world, she traveled extensively and studied Biomagnetism in Ecuador, Spain, and Colombia before returning to her Pacific Northwest roots.  She offers Biomagnetic Pair Therapy In a tranquil environment where people receive the highest level of assistance in balancing the pH of their blood, strengthening their immune systems, and getting their health on track for optimum performance.


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