Isaac Goiz, a doctor recognized internationally  for his Biomagnetic Pair Theory affirms that all disease initiates with two points linked to one another that possess the same bioenergetic characteristics often being  located in different places on the body.  It is what he calls the ”biomagnetic pair” and concludes that in every disease process there exists an imbalance of the pH;  becoming either too acidic or too alkaline.  He also affirms that by placing two magnets of opposing polarity on strategic points on the body it is possible to realign balance in the organism and restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself thus removing its pathogenic capacity.

Background of Isaac Goiz – Surgeon- worked in the 1970´s at the National Neumology Institute of Mexico and is author of several books including  AIDS is curable (1993)– a book where he brings his point of view about how Biomagnetism can detect and destroy HIV, and of The Tumor Phenomenon (2004)– published by the University of Loja (Ecuador) about the origin of cancer and the participation of multiple pathogenic agents in their development:  toxins, parasites, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and others.  And his presence in Madrid, Spain to give a course addressed to physicians and other health professionals about his theory of Medical Biomagnetism and the practice of the treatment of the Biomagnetic Pair.

Goiz does not offer unproven theories.  He brings to the table his clinical results:  hundreds of thousands of treated patients with positive results during almost 30 years practicing Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.  And the results of Courses about what he knows given to doctors and other health professionals… more than 8000 to this day, that provide some amazing outcomes using this simple therapy.

Treatment with the Biomagnetic Pair, Medical Biomagnetism– Goiz  said in Madrid- has four defects.

 First, it barely costs money; and that is terrible. 

Secondit cures. 

Thirdanyone can learn itnot only doctors

And fourththat a Mexican discovered it.

We have been working with and perfecting this therapy for nearly 30 years.  Numerous courses have been offered all around the world including  Europe, GermanyItaly and Spain; and on the American continent in the United States as well as in Ecuador , Chile, Colombia and Mexico”.  

Again the question arises, What matters most?  The results that are obtained with the magnets, or the theoretic level of its foundation?  Obviously, for patients, the results.  In the end they also don´t know the molecular mechanism or action of an antibiotic and yet they still take it. 

This is scientific!”  states Dr.Alex Escandón on Ecuadorian television, a Gynecologist  that practices Medical Biomagnetism at the New Hospital of Los Valles, one of the most modern healthcare centers in Quito, Ecuador.  “It is provenYou have a problem, and an evaluation is performed.  It is confirmed through tests we perform using traditional methods as well as diagnostics using the magnets, and then we perform the treatment using magnets.  And we see the results. In most cases it worksWe’re even talking about cases of cancer.  We have seen patients who we have proven tumors through images, who were treated  using Biomagnetic Pairs, and how afterwards there are no tumors present in subsequent images taken.”