As a new medical discipline, Biomagnetism allows us to understand disease from an energetic, vibrational  point of view instead of a chemical, clinical, or biologic perspective. We, as living beings, just like plants and animals that surround us, have a pH that is close to neutral.  pH defines what is acid, alkaline, or neutral in organs, systems, and blood.  Actually, there are phenomenon that alter this pH that lead the organism to either a highly acidic or alkaline state.  An alteration that can lead to disease over time. In many instances a diseases growth can take 15 – 25 years of silent development before a person becomes symptomatic.

It’s not the magnetic field that is curing the organism, but the correction with the magnets of the altered pH.  By neutralizing the pH, the immune system is strengthened, and the body has the capacity to heal itself.  We live in an ever increasingly polluted environment.  Everything from our food supply, to the air we breathe, to electromagnetic exposure, to environmental stresses can alter the pH of the body.  By regularly balancing the pH no disease process can get started, and many active disease processes can be reversed.