Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is the future of drug free, vaccine free low cost health care.   The fundamental elements the Biomagnetic Pair treatments is based  on the pH of the body, the role each microorganism plays in the body and disease processes, the existence of a series of energetic points on the body that are linked with each other- as the poles of a battery-  and the use of magnetic fields caused by the magnets which have potency greater than 1,000 Gauss.

Each organ and tissue of the body has its own level of acidity and alkalinity. And the global pH of the latter is known by measuring the concentration of hydrogen- in other words, the potential of hydrogen, its known abbreviated form is pH- in saliva, urine, or blood. It is very useful information since the majority of ill persons have an excess of electropositive ions (toxins, free radicals, etc…) which acidify the cells, organs, blood and secretions. In a normal balanced body, the pH of a healthy person is 7.35, slightly alkaline (a neutral pH is considered 7).  However, the greater part of ill persons have a pH which ranges between 6.0 and 7.0 (acid to neutral) . And as the person gets sicker the pH acidifies even more. This is why people with terminal cancer or  massive metastasis usually have a very acid pH (between 5.5 and 6.0) and each time more investigators claim that in reality, organic acidification is the authentic root cause of all disease.

Subsequently, Goiz, thanks to his daily clinical experience, stated that the duality that benchmarks our whole life (being awake/asleep, day/night, north/south, ying/yang, acid/base, etc.) is also existent at an organic level. And to each point/organ/tissue where there is an situation of acidity it automatically corresponds to another point/organ/tissues (always the same) with a similar imbalance of its alkalinity. After years, this allowed him to gather practical data about the existence of more than 350 Biomagnetic Pairs on the body which also correspond to different illnesses- from flu to cancer- and they have nothing to do with what is known by Conventional Medicine nor Chinese Traditional Medicine.  It is also not about energetic and meridian points.  Goiz discovered that each pair is associated with an illness and, at the same time, a specific microorganism.  He then verified that the “positive” pole exhibits an acid environment which resonates with viruses and fungi, while the “negative” pole has an alkaline environment which resonates with bacteria’s and parasites. And that in each pathology the same pathogenic microorganisms are present and always indicate the same pair.  In other words, each disease has its own corresponding pair and microbes.

The last step that Goiz took was to learn how to confront the diseases knowing all of this.  And he discovered that he could do it by applying on each pair’s poles magnets with a potency greater than 1,000 Gauss.  It is only necessary to place the positive pole of the magnet on the positive pole of the pair and the negative pole on the negative pair. This creates a magnetic current that attracts the positive charges towards the negative charges until they are neutralized. This equally neutralizes the pH and eliminates the microorganisms that promote the corresponding pathology.

It is safe to add that if a person suffers from various pathologies the magnets should be placed on each of the pairs that are detected.  Sometimes one session is enough and sometimes three or four are required.

Of course, even though everything seems very simple the truth is that you need to know where each pair is, which is the positive pole and which is the negative pole in each pair, and which microorganisms are linked to each pathology.