Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

 We remove pathogens at the cellular level by placing pairs of magnets at strategic locations on the body, thereby returning the pH to Normal Energy Levels (7.3).  When the pH is Normalized,unwanted viruses, bacteria’s, fungus, and parasites are eradicated.  Also, when the pH is Normalized, no disease can begin.

 Who can benefit from a Biomagnetic Pair treatment?  Everyone!  But I’m not sick….or… I am a healthy person…do I still need this?  The answer is YES if:  You eat restaurant food, processed food, consume non-organic fruits and vegetables, drink tap water, walk barefoot in a park or on a beach, pet an animal, swim in lakes or the ocean, use a partners toothbrush, or use electronic equipment like cell phones, computers, smart devices.  Most diseases do not reach the symptomatic  stage until they are quite advanced.  Think of this as a tune-up for your immune system so that it can serve your body optimally.

 Benefits of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy:

1. Provides Oxygen to the Cells: Since the cells are weak magnets containing both a positive and negative charge, the cell assumes the polarity of the magnetic field around it. Thus the counterclockwise spin of North Pole energy pulls oxygen into the cell.

2. Normalizes the Acid/Alkaline Balance: North Pole Negative energy is alkalinizing yet doesn’t over-alkalinize with the effect of normalizing the pH. An over-acid system produces allergies, toxic states, sore/stiff muscles, chemical hypersensitivity and many disease states. Insect bites also produce an acid state in the body which often overpowers the immune system.
3. Encourages Deep Sleep: During sleep the polarity of the brain and central nervous system switches to negative magnetic energy. Placing the body and particularly the brain in a negative magnetic field encourages deep sleep by magnetically charging the crystals in the Pineal Gland which respond by producing Melatonin which in turn regulates sleep patterns and even brain response.

4.  Builds Immunity: All known microorganisms whether bacterial, viral or fungal and parasites (whether tape worms, pin worms, heart worms, etc,) are positive magnetic energy driven and therefore can be stunned or retarded by the application of North Pole Negative. They are further damaged by the oxygen now in the cells and the alkaline environment produced by the North Pole Negative energy.
5. Reduces Fluid Retention: Intercellular edema (meaning inside the cells) is reduced when Negative North Pole energy is introduced to it because it helps normalize the action of the Sodium/Potassium Pump and gets the Sodium out of the cell and the Potassium in it. The excess fluid is then carried away by the blood and lymph. Extracellular edema (meaning outside the cells) exists in areas without drainage capacity like your eye, sinuses and joints is helped by putting the North Pole Negative energy to the side of the affected area so the fluid will be drawn away and toward an outlet.
6. Relieves/Stops Pain & Other Symptoms: Since pain is usually a symptom of an imbalance in pH and/or inflammation of the area, pain often simply disappears because there is no longer a need for it.
7. Promotes Mental Acuity & Reasonableness: The North Pole Negative energy also normalizes abnormal electrical firing in the brain and calms an electrically overcharged brain.
8. Aids in Reducing & Dissolving Fatty Deposits: The North Pole Negative energy is alkaline and therefore neutralizes the acid in fatty tissue thereby dissolving the substance. This is done very slowly. Don’t expect results overnight.
9. Aids in Reducing Fat & Calcium in the Circulatory System: Along with the aforementioned neutralization of fatty deposits, the increased cellular activity further stimulates movement of the hemoglobin in the blood vessels thus decreasing deposits in them.